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Sleep Trainers (for Toddlers)


This page shows all our clocks which have a sleep trainer function specifically designed for (young) toddlers.

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Disney Cars Go Glow Clock...

£26.69 £19.17

Purchase the brilliant Disney Cars Go Glow Clock Bedtime Trainer online today. The Children's Alarm Clocks Store | K...

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Blue Sleeptrainer by Kids...

only £29.99

Purchase the brilliant Blue Sleeptrainer by Kidsleep, with nightlight and alarm online today! The Children's Alarm C...

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My First Alarm Clock and ...

£39.99 £39.77

Get the excellent My First Alarm Clock and Sleep Trainer by KidSleep (Pink) online today! The Children's Alarm Clocks...

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Clocks for toddlers differ greatly in use from clocks used by older kids. Older kids might have already learned how to tell time and will use clocks more like adults would; to tell time, and help them get up in the morning. Clocks for toddlers (Sleep Trainers) will rather be used to teach the toddler when it is okay to leave the bed and wake mummy and daddy up, and when it is still 'sleep time'. Each sleep trainer clock will therefore often use other ways of showing the 'time' than the traditional analogue or digital way of showing time. For instance by using different colours, lights and pictures. Be sure to read the different user reviews listed at each clock's page (just click on "View Customer Rating") as our users often share great ways to use the clocks to teach their toddlers to stay in bed longer.

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